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EndPoint Protection

$2995 per devicemonthly
  • Protects devices from Cyber Attack
  • Ideal as a starting point for any business concerned with security


$14995 per usermonthly
  • Comprehensive support and enhanced security
  • Ideal for businesses wanting to outsource their IT department

Security Plus

  • Comprehensive Security and Total Security
  • Outsourced IT with even more security measures

Endpoint Protection Features

Customer Portal

Security Features

Customer Portal

Password Management

Security Plus Features

Customer Portal

Password Management

Security Monitoring

Discounted Project Work


Can I change my plan2021-09-29T05:45:36+00:00

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time

How long does my free trial run for2021-09-29T05:44:47+00:00

We start the clock once we have installed all relevant software and your customer portal has been provisioned. You will be informed via email when your trial has officially started


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