Do you need help maximising your technological effectiveness?


Experts in Business Technology

We are here to help you with every aspect of your business technology, from security and support, to strategic planning for growth and success.

Elevate Performace

Ensure your business has the best tools and programs to maximise efficiency.

Managed IT

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of technology processes.
  • Free yourself and your staff from technological maintenance, upkeep and troubleshooting to focus on other important tasks.
  • Trust experts in IT to manage and protect your systems and processes.
  • We work with leading industry partners to ensure quality.

Unleash your Potential

CommsIT believes that simply managing your IT isn’t enough, your goal is to realise your businesses full potential. You should expect your technology, processes and systems to grow as you do and help in this endeavour.


We offer strategic consulting from the very beginning of our relationship, ensuring that we can precisely match your technological needs with your goals, and help you achieve them with the full confidence that your technology is always an asset and never a hindrance. To learn more about how we can help you realise your businesses full potential and free you from technological stress, contact us we will arrange a consultation.

Protect Your Business

Ensure your technology and information is safe, secure and always accessible.


  • Ensure your business has secure, reliable servers.
  • Protect your data from disaster with regular and automatic backups.
  • Keep viruses and malicious programs at bay with effective security software and expert client support.
  • Minimise loss of productivity and wasted time.


Without Comms IT’s new tool, the mountains of suppliers’ invoices we were handling daily, were forcing us to consider traditional solutions – we were looking at hiring someone for the data entry role at an additional weekly cost to the business.  
Fortunately, with the new tool, the hours and hours required to perform this task have been reduced to minutes – whether weekly, monthly or daily – the transfer of data literally takes just minutes….. a GODSEND!
Poppy Jacovides, Auto Parts Recyclers