All businesses large and small are at risk of a Cyber Attack and the frequency of attacks is increasing

Is your Antivirus software still up to the task?

Cyber security is a fast-moving issue. Criminals invest in great tools to extort and steal from businesses of all sizes. To defend against this we have to as well. Our endpoint security agents use artificial intelligence to stay a step ahead.

Are your staff cyber aware?

Who wants to be hit with a cyber breach when the average cost to fix them is $276,323? Training your staff to be security aware goes a long way which is why we offer our customers IT and security training courses

Who has access to your passwords? Who can guess them?

Managing passwords effectively across an organisation is difficult and getting it wrong can be costly. Our password management tool is made with business in mind and will reduce the risk of passwords falling into the wrong hands.

It’s a multi-faceted protection strategy. Act now and let us take care of it for you

Identify how much data breach risk you carry

Ignorance is not always bliss. CommsIT Risk Intelligence tools regularly scan all your devices to identify and quantity potential data breaches which, left undetected, could destroy your business. Rest easy knowing we can detect and eliminate them before they can harm you.

Prepare your staff with our IT and security courses

We understand how hard it is to keep up with the latest trends and changes in IT. With our range of award winning BiggerBrains eLearning courses you can train your staff to be more productive, security aware and happy.

Align your IT to your business goals

Whether you want more sales, improved customer service or fine tuned operations we help you achieve your goals by creating a strategic IT plan with quarterly meetings to drive the outcomes you want. Your plan is recorded and tracked in our customer portal and available 24×7 so you’re always in control.

Get a handle on the Ransomware threat

Many traditional anti virus programs rely exclusively on scanning files to detect cyber attacks. This alone is no longer sufficient to block next generation ransomware attacks. Our Endpoint Detection and Response software was rated Number One by Mitre Engenuity in 2021 in detection of threats, identifying intention of attacker, speed of response, and ease of use which means your business has the best protection.

Manage passwords within your business securely

All staff need to manage passwords. Company administrator passwords need special care. PassPortal allows you to manage passwords company wide, from sharing, changing, accessing and knowing who can see which ones. Secure one of the primary weakspots in your IT and sleep better at night.

Enjoy a 360º View of your IT in one Place

Imagine your IT all managed in one place. You can log in any time check and compliance, risk exposure, strategic plan, training progress, reported issues, monitoring status and more. Save time and keep your finger on the pulse of your IT 24×7.

Secure your Cloud Apps

If left unchecked Cloud Applications can punch a hole right through your IT security. They are attributed to 43% of all data breaches today. CommsIT takes this threat seriously and helps you manage your Cloud Apps safely and securely. From exposing usage of unauthorised apps, identifying dormant accounts to monitoring where your company data goes we ensure you’re in the best position to operate safely

We understand the worry of not being sure that everything is being done to keep cyber criminals out

Ken has looked after my IT for years and with the rising threat of cyber attack I’m glad he’s there making sure we’re safe. Cyber security is complex. I just need to know that my files and data are protected. I can check into my CommsIT portal account anytime to get an entire picture of my IT and that gives me peace of mind.

Tim Williams, Managing Director, Deakon - B2B Sales Training
I hate hackers or more cyber criminals. I hate the idea that some punk with a bank of computers will run some smart auto program and randomly try and get into my system and steel client information, rip off identity and vandalise my system. I also hate the fact that I am legally accountable and therefore responsible to make sure I have the best protection, systems and service that patrols the walls of my system and keeps these punks out.

So I have Ken….


Gavin Waring, CEO, Your Business Angels

Working with CommsIT has enabled our business to punch above our weight-class through their awesome work integrating our CRM with our systems, simplifying our IT, and giving us an edge our competitors don’t have.  They’ve given us an IT service we didn’t think was possible for SME businesses.

Glenn Perkins, CEO, Biohub Solutions

Getting started is 3 easy steps away

Our customers select CommsIT to keep their IT systems and data safe. We achieve this with a complete service that protects your devices, your network, your mail and your data in an integrated way. We demonstrate this with our transparent customer portal. 

There are a lot of angles to cover, and the ever-evolving threats can make securing your business feel like a complicated issue.  We know from other customers that the daily, nagging threat of cyber breaches targeting their businesses was a constant worry before they came to CommsIT.  That’s why we utilise best-of-breed technology to secure your business. We constantly evolve to stay ahead of the game.  We also back our service which is why we allow customers to get started without a lock-in contract in three easy steps.

Here’s how it works

1     Start your free trial

Existing customers love our services which is why we allow you to organise a free no obligation trial in under 5 minutes, so you can see for yourself where your IT is at.

2     Tell us which endpoints need protection

Get the protection you need. We install software agents to all devices you specify. And to get you started towards your business goals we evaluate your current IT situation

3     Log into your portal

Visit our portal and review where you’re at. See the results of our initial evaluation, check out our suggestions for improvement, and see your protection in action. Simply log into your account anytime 24×7.

Once you’ve experienced our services you’re free to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your services with us at any time – we believe in customer choice with no lock in contracts.

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